Lynn Farrar
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Lynn Farrar

always seemed to be the creative type. When she found herself in an extremely stressful job, she needed to find a creative outlet or "otherwise I felt like I would lose my mind."

She studied under a stained glass artist whose style "broke all the rules", and then created her own eclectic stained glass artwork.

"I like to include a wide variety of materials such as glass gems and circles, saucers or cups ... even antique 60’s flower pins." She likes to make her stained glass as abstract and original as possible, to "form a magnificent, and original work of art."

(In addition to creating stained glass art, Lynn Farrar is a certified mediator with a Masters Degree in Human Relations. She provides services to individuals or employers in the subjects of: Tolerance, Dispute Resolution, Assertiveness, Living an Authentic Life, and Diversity. "My desire is to promote healthy, productive work relationships." If interested in her services and/or artwork, please contact her by email: or phone: 405-997-3453)